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Building a U.S. Career with an H-1B Visa Attorney

Carving a professional path in the United States as an immigrant is no easy feat. Experienced H-1B Visa Attorneys can guide you through the intricate H-1B visa program, a key to unlock your American dream.

The Immigration Legal Center knows how hard immigrants professionals have to struggle. This guide focuses on the H1B, with an emphasis on obtaining H1B sponsorship from your U.S. based employer and an overview of the process involved. Preparation is key in order to ensure that you get the best possible outcome with an H-1B Visa Attorney.

So why would one opt to apply for an H-1B Visa?

The H-1B visa is a type of visa that is available for post-secondary degree holders in specific technical and professional occupations. It enables one to work for a sponsoring U.S employer for a period of up to six years with possible extensions. Through the H1B visa, one is able to achieve career growth, higher pay, and a better life in the United States of America.

Benefits of Employer Sponsorship

  • Job Security & Peace of Mind: An H1B creates a legal employment basis for you in the US.
  • Career Growth: H1B holders are productive assets to their employers and the society at large. Sponsorship is one of the ways that can help one to move up the ladder within the organization.
  • Path to Green Card: The H1B lies on the path to adjusting to permanent residence status, or obtaining the green card.
  • Job Flexibility: This can be done either by changing positions within the company or by moving to a new employer who will be the new sponsor.

The H-1B Visa Process

  • Job Offer: Get a job offer from an employer in the United States of America who will support your H1B visa application.
  • Labor Condition Application (LCA): Your employer files an LCA guaranteeing prevailing wages and reasonable working conditions as per the law.
  • Form I-129 Petition: Once the LCA is approved, your employer is allowed to submit form I-129 to the immigration services on your behalf.
  • H-1B Visa Approval: Obtain the H1B visa at the US consulate or embassy or request a change of status if already in the US.

Why Early Preparation is so Important

  • Limited Quota: H1B is in high demand and there are instances when the number of applications submitted for H1B exceeds the number allowed every year. Aim to start early so that your chances of performing well are high.
  • Processing Time: It includes the aspect of documentation, review, and approval. It is better to start early in order to prepare documents and move around without much difficulty.
  • Contingency Planning: Consult with an H-1B Visa Attorney to discuss other possible visa options or what to do in case of visa denial or rejection.

Our Experienced H-1B Visa Attorney Can Guide You Through Every Step

  • Eligibility Assessment
  • Employer Sponsorship Guidance
  • Application Preparation & Filing
  • Communication & Advocacy

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with an H-1B Visa Attorney and take the first step towards building a successful future in the United States!

For more information on H-1B Visas, visit the US Citizenship and Immigration Services Website