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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announces a new family reunification parole process for Colombians, Salvadorans, Guatemalans, and Hondurans effective as of June 2023. The Program is meant for principal beneficiaries who have an approved I-130 and their qualifying immediate family members who are awaiting response from USCIS in their home country.

The rollout is fairly new and all we know so far is that DHS will send out an invitation to Petitioners who have an approved I-130. Once the Petitioner receives an invitation from DHS they can submit a form I-134 for each Beneficiary. Once DHS receives all the paperwork and the applicant meets all the criteria and requirements, DHS will issue an advanced travel document for the Beneficiary.

Once the Beneficiary and any qualifying immediate relative receives an advanced travel document, they will be able to come to the United States and seek parole. If the Beneficiary is granted parole, the Beneficiary will be able to wait in the United States for a Visa to become available and then apply for adjustment of status to a U.S. Resident.

Another great thing about this new program is that approved parolees will be able to seek employment authorization and work legally in the United States while they wait for a visa.

As the program kicks off and more updates become available from the Department of Homeland Security, we will keep you informed.

By: Valentina Quintero